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USL League Two Final

Seeding Explanation and Example: 

Each Conference will have seeding applied to the first match of the Conference Quarter final rounds. Seeding for the conference will be based off points awarded during the regular season. If the number of games is not congruent within the divisions, amongst the conference, then points per game will be applied to the seeding process (ex. Divisions 1 and 2 play 12 games, division 3 plays 14 games). USL League Two reserves the right to adjust the bracket as needed specifically to avoid intra-divisional matchups in the first round.  League Two will make every effort to maintain competitive balance in the bracket 


  1. Clubs cannot play against a divisional rival in the conference quarter final round (Round 1) 

  1. Division Winners, amongst the conference, will be seeded first 

  1. 2nd place clubs will be seeded 2nd  

  1. 3rd place teams will be seeded 3rd  

  1. 4th place teams will be seeded last