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Support Local: Florida Elite SA Hosts Soccer Clinics for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeast Florida

By Staff, 07/01/21, 2:30PM EDT


Clinics to Provide Soccer Education to Children in Underserved Communities

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.- Florida Elite SA recently launched a series of soccer clinics for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeast Florida with the goal of providing soccer education to underserved children within the community. The clinics provide members of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeast Florida with basic soccer training free of charge and the opportunity to learn from aspiring professionals within the sport. 

"For us, it's very important that our USL team and players give back to the community and show humility,” said Sean Bubb, Executive Director of Florida Elite SA. “The message to these boys and girls is that there are opportunities out there and they can develop many skills through having goals and direction, which can lead to a college education. Work hard and good things will come. Giving back, supporting our community and helping those kids that are not as fortunate is very important to us. It is the DNA of Florida Elite."

Florida Elite SA’s mission is to establish a club that will help better the community through growth and positivity. By creating the soccer clinic program for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeast Florida, the club is reaching communities and children who wouldn't normally have access to this type of training or soccer environment. By giving members of the community access to the clinics, Florida Elite is helping grow and develop children in the community through providing role models and teaching positive life lessons through the sport of soccer. 

During the clinics, the League Two players of Florida Elite SA lead the kids through the fundamentals of soccer through games, skill drills and fun competitions. By encouraging the children and demonstrating a positive environment, the League Two players hope to teach the kids of the Boys & Girls Club life lessons such as respect and humility with the goal of providing these children the resources they need to pursue their dreams on or off the pitch. In addition, the players of Florida Elite SA also speak to the kids about education and grades in order to teach them the importance of goal setting and allow them to see that a college education is obtainable. 

The participants of the soccer clinics for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeast Florida were recognized at the June 19 match at halftime, giving these children their first taste of a pre-professional soccer environment. By continuing to provide soccer education and a platform for growth, Florida Elite SA is making big moves to better their community and help provide more resources to the children of the Jacksonville area. 

To learn more about the Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeast Florida, visit 

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