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San Francisco Glens SC Becomes Official Partner of When We All Vote

By Staff, 10/15/20, 2:45PM EDT


California club continues strong record of community engagement

Graphic courtesy San Francisco Glens SC

San Francisco Glens SC was founded in 1961 by Dr. Michael McFadden. McFadden was well-known in the local Irish community for his compassion, never charging his patients more than they could afford. That legacy has carried on to the Glens’ organization of today. On top of a partnership with TEAM INC., a non-profit which offers sports technology training and mentorship to young people from underrepresented groups, the club also recently announced a partnership with When We All Vote.

When We All Vote is a non-profit organization seeking to increase participation in elections and change the culture around voting. As an official partner, SF Glens SC has its own page with resources for voters.

“We love that When We All Vote exists because they emphasize just how cool and important it is to have your voice be heard in a meaningful way,” said Jimmy Conrad, the former U.S. men’s national team defender who now serves as the head coach and technical director of the Glens’ first team in League Two. “That is something we strive for within our club as well, to empower our players to be thoughtful communicators both in speaking and listening so they can be leaders in their communities moving forward. That’s a long way of me saying this was an easy partnership to make!”

The process of partnership began with SF Glens SC personnel attending prospective partner meetings. The club then submitted an online application and were thoroughly vetted before When We All Vote accepted it as a partner. The club itself is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, and since becoming a partner it has hosted a voter registration drive.

“I think the term ‘community club’ gets thrown around a lot, but we try our best to live up to those standards through our actions,” said SF Glens SC Director of Community Partnerships and Communications Ryan Maquiñana.

SF Glens SC players at the club's voter registration drive / Photo courtesy SF Glens SC

“When our players and coaches are out there volunteering at the Mission Food Hub or registering people to vote, they are reinforcing that mantra of being part of something bigger than themselves.”

The community spirit at Glens SC, which started with Dr. McFadden and carries on today at the club from the academy all the way up through the League Two side, shows no signs of slowing down. The club prides itself on having never rejected a single family unable to pay club dues thanks to its extensive scholarship program.

During difficult times for many, those at SF Glens SC remain committed to actively seeking out ways in which they can help people.

“We are very proactive when it comes to any opportunities to push for positive change, whether it’s a parent approaching us about helping a local business in need, or a fundraiser, for the right cause,” said Maquiñana. “As long as we have the bandwidth for it, we won’t pass up a chance to continue our mission.”

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