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What They're Saying: South Georgia Tormenta FC 2 vs. Reading United AC

By Staff, 07/28/19, 4:00PM EDT


Hear from both teams before tonight's League Two Semi-Final



“It was preparation as usual, preparing our guys, managing their bodies. This deep into the season it's about managing these lads so they are ready to go into their peak in college. They all have preseasons to go into, we are focused on the game but they also have college careers after, where they really have to go and dominate. If we bring them in there overrun and overused then we aren’t doing our jobs here.”

Alan McCann, Reading United AC Head Coach

“Preparations been good. You come off a weekend where you get two wins and obviously, the emotions are really high but you kind of have to bring it back down again to realize that you’re not done. But to just come into each session this week and take it day by day and approaching the big one.”

Jordan Skelton, South Georgia Tormenta FC 2 Defender

“Last weekend took its toll as it took on all teams but we have had a full week at home knowing that we had a home game to prepare for. Preparations have been great, they got a couple of days off to get rejuvenated but then we built it back up, today was lighter but we have had two pretty tough sessions that’ll put something in the tank for the match.” 

Ian Cameron, South Georgia Tormenta FC 2 Head Coach



“Everyone is ready, the mentality has been good and we have been working so hard for this moment. Now it's just putting together everything we have been working for.”

Filipe Hideki, Reading United AC Midfielder

“Its win or go home. We are at this point in the summer where we want to go all the way, we want to win this whole thing. The whole season we have been thinking game to game, we won’t start thinking about the final, we would need to beat reading first to go to the final but the mentality has been good and everyone's been working hard and we are really excited about it.”

Luca Mayr, South Georgia Tormenta FC 2 Midfielder

“Win. It is just about coming out here and performing and playing the way we play and not playing to the occasion but just trying to win this game. We feel good, we have been in this position so we know what it is about.”

Lamine Conte, Reading United AC Defender



“I think it's massive. When Darin [Van Tassell] came in and told us we were gonna have the final in Statesboro we were just going crazy we were all really excited. It is a big weekend with the first team playing and then us we are hoping to get a lot of people out there to support us and hopefully beat Reading.”

Luca Mayr, South Georgia Tormenta FC 2 Midfielder

“This is massive for Darin and Netra [Van Tassell] obviously they are building something spectacular here. If you look at all the blueprints for all that it is really amazing. For it to be held nationally obviously that is exposure to Statesboro and everyone is excited and we are hoping to get the job done.” 

Curtis Thorn, South Georgia Tormenta FC 2 Defender

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