The breaking of ties in the final standings, playoffs and finals is accomplished by applying the following criteria, in order of importance:

1. Head-to-head record based on total points in League games. (A,B)
2. Points Per Game = Total points won / Total games played
3. Total wins in League games.
4. Goal difference in League games. If number of games is unequal, the Game Average(C) will be used.
5. Goals scored in League games.
6. Total points within smallest group(D). If number of games is unequal, then point percentage(E) will be used.
7. Ranking based on points earned against top four group finishers. This tiebreaker will not be used if four (4) or fewer teams comprise the group. If number of games is unequal, then point percentage applies.
8. Point percentage outside / smallest division or conference in League games.
9. Total points in all regular season and Open Cup qualifying games combined. If number of games is unequal, then point percentage applies.
10. FIFA Fair Play – Team with fewest disciplinary points in League games. (If number of games is unequal, points will be divided by games played to arrive at a common basis for comparison.)
11. Lottery conducted by USL LEAGUE TWO.

A. League games refer solely to games that count towards the regular season standings. Open Cup specific games are not “League games” when it comes to determining placement in the League standings. (When using these criteria as tiebreakers for Open Cup groups, “League games” should be interpreted as only games that count toward Open Cup group standings.)
B. Should more than two (2) teams involved have played an unequal amount of total games this tie breaker will be skipped.
C. Game Average = Tie Breaker / number of games played (i.e. goals scored / number of games played).
D. Grouping = term used to describe the primary unit in which a team competes (i.e. Southwest Division).
E. Point Percentage = number of total points earned / maximum possible points (3 per game)