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Though their work is often behind the scenes, League Two clubs could not be successful without the talented executives that run them. As League Two continues to grow and expand, we’ll be highlighting the owners, general managers, staff members, volunteers and more that contribute to players, coaches and communities they care about. The league will bring a fresh perspective on the efforts of these individuals both during and outside the League Two season. As soccer and League Two continue to grow rapidly in the United States, League Two’s executives are taking the opportunity to carve out a unique space for themselves.

  • The Path Episode 1: Executive's Path

  • By Staff 09/13/2019, 2:55pm EDT
  • See what makes Sarasota Metropolis FC Owner/GM Victor Young successful, and why he chose to bring a League Two team to Sarasota
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The players are what it’s all about. A major pillar of League Two, they are what the #Path2Pro is built for and around. As it always has, League Two will continue to provide a platform for elite pre-professional players to gain high-level experience and exposure. The league’s structure plays a vital role in the American soccer landscape. It serves as a necessary bridge between the youth and professional soccer levels, allowing promising young players to get valuable minutes against top competition and professional scouts to see the best college players. The vast amount of League Two alumni playing professional soccer speaks for itself -- there is no better league to help launch a player’s career.


Coaches are the backbone of USL League Two. Their expertise and insight into the tactical and technical side of the game provide key teaching moments for League Two players as they go through an important stage in their career development. The league’s coaches come from a wide variety of experiences and backgrounds that make them excellent mentors as they hone their own strategic approaches to formations, tactics and management working with elite pre-professional players. Every coach in the league plies their trade in pursuit of winning the USL League Two Final. As League Two continues to move forward, our coaches will remain an integral part of growing the game.


Every supporters group in USL League Two has its own story about how it started and who its members are. Above all else, it’s the people and their commitment that make League Two clubs different. The teams return the favor by taking an active role in making their hometowns better places to work, live and enjoy the beautiful game. On the field, League Two supporters wave flags and beat drums to spur their teams to victory, but they’re important parts of the fabric of their towns off the pitch as well. Having a League Two club allows communities an innovative way to express pride in their home and in their identity.

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